Survival Games also known as hunger games is a popular gamemode in Minecraft. It is one of the oldest games in lbsg history.


To join first type in the ip or you will spawn in the lobby of the Survival games. If you do not have an account you need to register by typing in the command /register in chat. If you do have an account just type your password in chat. Once login you can join a match by tapping one of the eight signs that is infront of you. The sign display the number of players left in the match, the status of the match, the name of the map the match is playing on and the match number. If a match have 21 or more players in it it will be open to Vip only.


Once you join a match (select one of the eight signs infront of you) you will have to wait for the tournament to begin. You can now take the time to chat with the other players and try to team up. Once the game starts you can either make a mad dash to the middle or spread out and explore the map. You are invisible for the first 30 seconds of the game so it's a good time to try to find some chest located across the map. Chest can contain useful items such as food, armour and weapons. It also contain rare minerals such as diamonds. Four minutes till Deathmatch all chest will refill giving you a chance to find more powerful weapons and armour.


After seven minutes if two or more players remain in the game they will be teleported into a small arena surrounded by lava. The remaining players fight to the death until there only one left standing. Last player standing wins.


Teams is a variation of the classic Survival games . You can join the server by typing the ip which will spawn you in the same lobby as the Survival games. Gameplay is exactly like the Survival games except that you are in teams. There are three teams blue, red and green if you are a VIP you can choose your own team otherwise you are assign to a random team. In game you can kill players on the opposite team but you can't kill your own teammates. If there are no players left in the opposite teams the last standing team wins.